5th Fri JamManWhen and where does this take place?


5th Friday OpenMic™ is held on the 5th Friday of every month with five fridays at the Beaverton Stake Center (BSC) at 4195 SW 99th Beaverton, OR 97005 in the downstairs banquet hall at 7:00 p.m.   

Check this link to the map to the Beaverton Stake Center.  There are three entrances to the building.  You'll want to use either the 102nd Avenue entrance (Go through the gate into the parking lot and up the hill to the back of the building), or the SW McMillan entrance (follow 99th Ave to McMillan, hang a left and enter the parking lot on the left, follow the road around to the back of the building).

Who can come?

This is not an activity for children under 12.  There are several reasons.  1) It might get a little loud at times for young ears, 2) there will be heavy gear being moved in and out of the banquet hall and we want to avoid injuries that could be caused by young children being underfoot, 3) there will be expensive instruments and equiment sitting around the room.

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When should I show up?

If you are an audience member then you should show up a little before 7:00 p.m. so you can get a good seat.

If you want to get up on stage, you should show up at 6:30 p.m. so you can check in and get things set up.


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Can I get up on stage?

You sure can!  The mic is open to anyone who wants to get up and perform (see next question).  All you do is show up and sign in. 

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Can I do anything I want on stage?

Within reason.  5th Friday OpenMic™ is not a talent show per se, nor is it Karaoke night at the stake center.  It is an opportunity for musicians who don't perform "church" music to resurrect and grow their talents by performing live with other live musicians and artists in a gospel friendly atmosphere.  Generally, performances must follow LDS Church guidelines -- after all, we are using the stake center.

What gear do I need to bring?

At a minimum you should bring your own instrument. Musician's are pretty fussy when it comes to their own gear and many do not like to let others use it -- especially if it is an expensive axe or amp.  

The House will provide the sound reinforcement system (PA, mics, monitors, etc.) and there will be limited access to House gear such as amps and stomp boxes, and maybe a drum kit.  If you have a particular sound or tone you want, then you probably will want to bring your own rig, but remember that we're going to move a lot of people on and off stage.  There will be limited time for set up so you need to be ready to move fast. 


How many songs can I perform?

Performances will be limited to 10 minutes.  Usually that means  three short songs or two medium to long songs. If you only have two minutes left when you complete a song, you probably won't be able to start another one.


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